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Thread: Hunting Birchwood moose!

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    Default Hunting Birchwood moose!

    Hey folks, Iím an experienced ethical archer looking for access to hunting the Birchwood area. I drew the Birchwood area archery bull permit that goes until the end of the month. As it appears there is little to no public land to hunt. So unless I can find someone with private land willing to let someone hunt it looks like Iím out of luck. I would be willing to give up half the moose to gain access somewhere. I would even be willing to remove all evidence of the kill other than some blood. The boundaries are basically Fort Rich to Peters Creek and the Old Glenn to the inlet. If you have or know someone that does have land in this area I am very flexible and would love to discuss hunting it with you/them.

    Thanks, Phil in Anchorage

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    Default Birchwood Moose

    Sent you a PM.

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    see if Eklutna will let you pay trespass fees to hunt it
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    Default Pay a fee to hunt!

    You know I asked them if I could. It must be an insurance thing or something. Maybe the shareholders get to hunt then in the general season I don't know. They were friendly and offered to let me bring my map in the reference their big map and mark the closed areas. I think I have a small piece of muni ground figured out. It's not much but worth a few trips in to do some calling after the general seasons close. Thanks to the guys that wrote in private for the advice as well. I'm still looking for other ground though if you know of something.



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