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    We took the two boys along today. Although not as fast and furious as Wednesday, we had steady flights of birds up until about 9:30am. We ended up with 6 mallards, 5 greenwings, a widgeon, and of course 1 spoon. Unfortunately poor shooting today kept us from finishing up the last 3 and I just wasn't willing to water sluice the 3 teal that were lined up perfectly for a triple Although it was tempting. lol

    It has been a good start for me...4 mornings for 24 birds with a limit on Wednesday. The shot per bird average......well I'll keep that horrible number to myself

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    Nice going fellas.The other day I had a Mallard and a teal also,and my step son was like omg! you shot a baby duck Hahahaha! I had to learn him from the bird book how to tell what bird was what,and now looking at your pictures,man them teal are tiny lol!


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