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    I saw a Sako V 300 WM in a pawn shop today. Real nice rifle... I would rate it about 90% on external appearnce and working the action and trigger. It was missing the mag box which would run about $80. I take it that this is an M75 V? They were asking $1250 for it and I never usually pay a pawn shop more than 60% of the asking price. I checked Gunbroker and they have a Sako V 375 HH Mag that is listed for "Buy Now" @ $1750.

    Any opinions on the value of this rifle?

    And... would the mag box be long enough to hold 300 or 338 RUM cartridges is I rechambered?

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    With sako replacing the M75 with the new M85, The older models are only going to appreciate. I don't know about 1275, but a 1000.00 would have done it for me.

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    Thanks for the input. I went back for another look at it. It had a dirty bore. And it is a stainless hunter with the V action. I would be surprised that a used rifle, even a sako, would appreciate much but you probably know more about it than me. I bought my Sako 85 Finnlight for $1165 and it came with optilock rings and bases and of course a mag box. So I definitely wont pay $85 more for a used rifle without rings and mag box, although it is a very nice looking gun. I did some more checking on Gunbroker and found prices ranging from $800 - $1700. I would basically be buying this rifle for it's action and absent a mag box and rings which would together run about $270, I think the most I would pay would be $700.

    Thanks again for your input.


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