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Thread: Montana Decoy's Caribou in action...

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    Default Montana Decoy's Caribou in action...

    Thought I would post up a video of us playing with the Montana Decoy prototype back in the fall of 2006. I've got another video with a couple of kills that I haven't downloaded yet, but I did get one video of us playing with a smaller bull right off the haul road. He was interested, but wouldn't come in closer than 60 yards. We got on one larger herd before finding this guy, and they didn't want to play around at all, they boogied.

    I'm not sure if Montana Decoy's has officially put out a caribou decoy yet, but I'd like to get my hands on another to play with it some more. We did rifle two bulls that we probably wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for the decoy, so it was effective in that aspect, but when the bulls got up close to it, they seemed to know something was up.

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    cool video Jerod, some advice, next time try to walk with the bull instead of at him.. basically go along his same path on an angle many times they will let you come along side of them. I grew up hunting them on Adak and in unit 13. keep in mind predators walk toward them. i have even drove a 4 wheeler and snow mobile up to and along side them in the past. but as soon as i face them they split. If you ever get the chance to see a giant heard going by with wolves tagging along... just watch them.. they will feed all day and the pack will follow. the bou Know they are back there. but don't take off until the wolf picks one to chase.

    thanks for sharing that video. i am curious has any one developed a bou call? combined with that decoy you could be deadly.
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    Default just my thoughts

    Maybe I am a pessimist---but don't you have to worry about being shot?

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    Default You're a little bit of a pessimist...

    This time of the year, it's bulls only. The Montana Decoy used in the video is clearly a cow caribou. Plus, it's probably in the Dalton Highway Corridor, so bow-and-arrow only. If someone shoots at you within archery range, they are just using hunting as a poor cover for trying to kill you.

    But, in fairness, I would always tie red flagging on the end of antlers or horns protruding from the back of my pack in a place where firearms are used. People have certainly demonstrated that they will shoot at a target without confirming what it is...

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