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Thread: Ruger Mk II 300 WM

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    Thumbs up Ruger Mk II 300 WM

    Of all the bolt guns I own I love to shoot this Mk II, which shoots about 1-1 & 1/2 moa with the best commercial ammo I have tried, I have customized the grip to mold with my hand, padded the chin weld area to fit comfortably, put a crescent buttplate/rubber recoil pad which I much prefer, with a custom camo paint job; The 300 is a workhorse, providing plenty of power and accuracy, which also dishes out a hefty recoil-esp. prone
    Wondering if any owners have accurized their MK II, including such modifications such as bedding their receiver, possibly a custom barrel, trigger job, and what kind of accuracy they have achieved; this model has a very nice bolt, action, and I am weighing the possibility of putting out the $$ for an upgrade

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    Smile ruger

    I have a m7 mark IIss. Ive had them .300 and 338 and I whent back t0o the 300. I put a timney trigger on it just takes a couple hours a dremmel tool and some patience. It made the gun more accurate for me cuz I got the pull a little lighter and breaks a lot cleaner. Definetly worth the 100bucks. I just put on a hogue full aluminum block bedded stock to replace my laminated one. Havnt shot it yet but will in a couple days. I have got it down to 1 3/4 groups at 200 yards with good handloads. Using barns 200 grn tsx and reloader 22. I use 180 grn for the hunting though. They hit about 2 inches at 200 on a good day. I havnt ried any other bullet brands though. I hope the new stock will improve the accuracy but we will see. This all with a nikon scope. I have a burris fullfeild II with ranging marks on it gewtting repaired right now and ill put it back on too. Its a way better scope.

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    IMHO, I think the best way to improve accuracy is to start handloading to find the right bullet/powder combination for your rifle, anmd then you can also experiment with seating depth.

    You can have a potentially 0.25 MOA accureate rifle and if your shooting X, Y, or Z factory loads out of it you may never see better than 1.5 MOA.

    The triger and bedding etc will help, but... I bought a Ruger M77 & Rem Mag in 1988 (Way before the Mark II's) and I got slightly sub MOA out of factory Fed Prem and .75 MOA out of my very own amature handloads.

    My personal order of accuracy preference...

    1) Free floating barrel
    2) bullet load combo (and seating depth)
    3) bedding/stock
    4) trigger... om my old M77 trigger I can not feel the difference between it and the brand new Sako 85 set at 2 lbs. both are very smooth

    but hey this is only me, I'm sure there are other opinions

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    Default I've got the all weather version

    with the old ugly stock. It shoots under an inch with a couple different handloads as long as I let it cool a couple minutes between shots. It opens up as it heats up.

    I did a diy trigger job, it definitely lightened it up and took some creep out.

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    Default I agree with Montana...

    MontanaRifleman is right on the money, at least with the first and foremost thing on the list. All the others are nice to have, but in my opinion a fully floating barrel is A MUST!! I actually free float every rifle I have including my .22LR Sad I know, but its a huge benefit and is the best remedy for groups that open up with increase in barrel temp. I am a cheap person, so on all my wood stocks I just took a dremel and ground out the barrel bed, mixed up some epoxy glue and "painted" the glue in to prevent moisture from accumulating/warping... then sanded that smooth with a piece of sandpaper I had glued to a dowel to keep it rounded. Worked great. To this day I also leave a little piece of cloth slid back all the way to the reciever (between the barrel and the stock) and slide it out when I am ready to go hunting/shooting. That way if any rocks/dirt ever get up in between, I can just slide that cloth out and away it will go.

    Hope this helps... I always get it free floating before I even bother shooting a new rifle...


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