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    what are some good steps to start with my new chessie female that is almost a year old. i just got her and i realy want to hunt her. she is pretty calm and listens well. does basic commands. what are some good commands to teach her. i want to hunt ducks with her not compete. i have hunted with dogs for years but just wondering what every one else thinks are the more important foundation steps to having a good hunter.

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    Wow. Can't believe no one has offered advice to you. It's now the middle of Oct.
    You didn't give us much training background on your dog. So, if you haven't already. I would not hunt her unless she has been properly trained on what your dog will encounter on a hunt. Training on an actual hunt isn't pleasant for you or the dog. Plus the experience could ruin your dog. ie...gunshyness, not picking up birds or eating the birds.

    I guess for now. Let us know where your dog is as far as field training background. If you did hunt her let us know how it went. So we can better address issues that developed or progress from what she learned.

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    akhilljack -- How is your chessie doing? Can't believe I missed your original message! Where did you get her & where are you located?

    Obedience (here, sit, heel, on & then off leash), retrieving marked falls (building distance & adding obstacles gradually), training for success, teach & not test, teaching a dog to do blinds/take hand signals, getting them used to decoys & gunfire, plus there's more to teach in building a good hunting dog. There are a lot of books & videos/dvds out there (some good & some not), and people to help you train & answer questions.



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