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Thread: is a shorter barrel a real velocity handicap

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    Default is a shorter barrel a real velocity handicap

    My heavy mag barrel is a straight taper, at 24" it measures .750" I'm thinking of trimming it down to 20" and think that move will help with the ballance of the rifle. It is a short action vanguard(Howa) chambered in 358WSM I'm pushing a 225 A-Frame at 2930fps. I am hoping to still get about 2850 with the 20" Bbl. I looked at a Charlie Sisk project where he cut down a 340 Wby an inch at a time...he lost about 20fps per inch....Thoughts?

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    In general you loose 25-30 fps/inch down to about 18", and from then on in about 50 fps/inch for centerfire rounds.

    Considering many folks find a 35 whelen or 350 rem mag pushing 225's 2700 fps a fully adequate 300 yd combo, you're running the same bullet 2850 fps will be just fine, and then some.


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