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Thread: Pack frames on international flights

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    Default Pack frames on international flights

    Just wondering if anyone has ever had a Barneys or similar frame on an international flight, and if there were any dramas with damage etc.

    I imagine putting the bag and frame into a laundry type bag would stop harness being eaten by baggage handlers but what about frame damage?


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    Default Similar strategy perhaps...

    I've shipped fly rods, textbooks, and a few other bulky/heavy items generously padded in larger duffle bags on deployments with good results.

    The general idea was to provide secure padding, often with clothing items, and possibly sandwich the item between rigid layers (thick cardboard?) - all inside a duffle bag. The Barney's frame is tough. Good luck.

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    I've never shipped mine (Cabella's Alaskan II freighter) internationaly, but have shipped it within the US several times by putting it in a LARGE duffel as 6Xleech said simply to keep the straps from getting caught in anything with no problems.
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    Default Snowboard or Golf Bag

    I used a snowboard bag for my rifle case, worked great, padded and all!

    I think a large duffel, like mentioned above would be a bit better for a pack frame.

    Whatever you do, make sure you cover it! I watched the bag boy LAUNCH a pack once...never again. Now I bag it and stick FRAGILE stickers all over it. You can get the stickers at the counter. I got some of my grandmother's fine china here that way.


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