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Thread: fishcat 13.0... leaky pontoon

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    Default fishcat 13.0... leaky pontoon

    hi folks.

    just wondering if anyone has any experience fixing leaks in fishcats... not sure if its a puncture, leaky seam or valve... alls I know is the pontoon doesnt hold air for longer than 12 hrs.

    is there any place in Anchorage to drop off for repair?


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    I'd give alaska raft and kayak a call
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    If you're interested in fixing it yourself, it's not too difficult. I believe it is the same material types that Aire uses for their larger boats, and the same process should work.

    1) Blow it up tight and listen to the valve. If it's leaking you should be able to hear it, but even if you can't hear it hissing move onto step two before unzipping the outer tube.

    2) Get a spray bottle and fill it with soapy water. Then spray the valve and the area around it and look for bubbles. If you don't see any move on to step three. If you do have a leaky valve, go to AK Raft & Kayak and get a replacement. Also get a valve wrench if your repair kit doesn't have one. The valve probably just screws off, but you may want to ask them if there are any tricks to doing it.

    3) Deflate the tube, unzip it and remove the bladder. You can get it out of both ends and the middle, but unless you need to for some reason, leave the valve poking through the outer fabric and just work around it.

    4) Reinflate it until it is semi-firm, and look for a leak. You can usually feel it with your hand if you put pressure on the bladder, but if not spray the whole bladder with soapy water until you can find the leak by looking for the bubbles. Mark the spot with a permanent marker.

    5) Clean it off with alcohol and patch it. You can use Aire's vinyl tape that they pack in their repair kits for a patch, but my experience is that after a couple years it will work itself loose and start leaking again. A better option is Tear-Aid (type A, since it is a urethane bladder). If you have had the experience of using both types of tape it is easy to see that Tear-Aid is a far better product. Or if you really want to do it right you can use Stabond to glue on another piece of vinyl or urethane as a patch. Until I find something contrary I will be using Tear-Aid. It's faster and looks like it will hold. But I won't know for sure for a few more years.

    6) Stuff the bladder back in, securing the ends the same as they were before, zip it up and inflate. You should be able to do it all in less than an hour.

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    Default yeah i have a 13 ft fishcat too

    ive had so many holes in mine. ive patched it like 4 times and then i saw a hole in the seam and said to hell with it and ordered a new pontoon from outkast and they warrantied it!

    but if its just a pin hole, i personally found it easiest to just blow it up partially so it has a little squish, and then just take the bladder out. just unstrap the inside straps on your boat and roll the pontoon out. its super easy, i put it on a pedastool till i did it a couple times. after you get the bladder out of the shell... pump it up fully and then just listen for the leak. do it in a garage or a quiet place... youll hear it for sure right away. especially if its really small. then just scrape it up a little bit with sand paper. you should have had a patch kit that came with it. use the patch thats the same material as your bladder. and scrape that with sandpaper so the surfaces will mate.... and its that easy... give it like5 mins to dry. then put it away!!!!


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