Made the run out to Nuka Island on a beautiful Saturday morning. We half heartedly hit a few spots on the way out, not putting in too much time as Nuka is a long run for us.
The weather was great, but a small chop on a fairly short swell made for a bumpy run out. We had left town at 7 A.M. and were under way before 10. I think we finally started fishing the bay at 2. The first thing we saw was a long liner laying out gear. (I heard later that he had been there 2 days prior, so we figured he had in at least 3 days to strip the bay)
I got that feeling that things might be slow, but was I right! We hit the few spots that I know and prospected some more but nary a halibut. We did pick up Red Snapper everyplace that we stopped. Big ones, 2 at 30". One big skate a couple of cod and 2 rock fish.
Right after I had drug in the dead weight of the skate my line got real heavy. After another arm burning 250' reel in I said, "I see color". It was a nice heavy rock about 20 lbs. It's out in the yard.
When Norm finally boated a halibut I told him he knows what that means, we are here until I get one. After the day of whale/ porpoise watching, Norm mentioned that the sun is getting close to the mountains. I nodded and kept fishing. I knew we should have left already, but that guy in the back of my mind (you know the one, he is responsible for a lot of field decisions, just 5 more minutes, just one more ridge, one more slough) kept me trying.
I finally admitted we might oughta get going and started the long run back. When we came out of Nuka Passage the water was pretty flat. Flat enough that I shut the boat down and decided to try one more hole that had produced before. I finally bagged it when the sun slipped behind the mountains. We gave her a shot though.
It was almost too dark to see Granite Cape at first sighting and by the time we passed it it was radar only. Without the radar and GPS, it would have been an overnighter.
We got back to Anchortown at 3AM. Another adventure and a great day, but save yourself the hundred gallons of fuel and go somewhere else. Putting a few more fillets away and seeing some good water always makes a good day, doing it with guys that have fun anywhere makes it a great day.