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Thread: Tragic accident on glacier creek

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    Default Tragic accident on glacier creek

    Just saw this on the news and found it on the ADN
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    Need to learn more about how this tragedy happened and can be avoided in the future. Interest piece of journalism though..

    "Two of the people were able to climb out and call for help, one had been killed and the other critically injured"

    How the dead person climbed out to call for help is amazing!

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    Default G.Creek

    I believe there were four. There are a couple low bridges near the hand tram that could pin sombody fairly easily. I think I heard that two of the folks were in their 70's, makes me wonder who had carried the raft down the trail to the creek. It's very swift, big waves and tight walls in most spots until it spills out of the canyon.

    Very unfortunate, my condolences to the families.


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