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Thread: Gun Values?

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    Default Gun Values?

    I picked up some handguns recently and was wondering what fair market value is for each. They are 70's vintage S&W, absolutely as new condition, each has the factory box and a nice leather holster. I am not necessarily looking to sell but curious as to their value. Thanks.

    S&W Model 39-2, 9 mm, 4" barrel, blued.
    S&W Model 63, 22 long rifle, double action, stainless, 4" barrel.
    S&W Model 60, 38 spcl, 2" barrel, double action, stainless.

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    A good place to research is for price comparisons.

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    Default I sold my spare 63 two years ago...

    for just a couple bucks shy of $400.00. Dumb move, because I doubt I could replace it for that!
    The Stainless Chief, maybe $500 to the right person, but that might be high.
    The single stack 9mm Model 39 is pretty much these days a collector piece. Seems everyone has to have oneof the super capacity 9's, and considering the hammering-them-down power of the 9, is probably needed. Look to the collectors on that one.
    For market values, I look more and more at GunBroker. Only pay attention to the auctions that actually have more than 1 bid on them!!! Anyone can put any price they want on it, but if someone's not actually paying that much it doesn't mean anything, they're just fishing!

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    Thanks guys. I will check out gunbrokers and other sites.


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