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Thread: trade materials for flies???

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    Thumbs up trade materials for flies???

    I have a part-time hobby of making fur hats. As a result I have a insane amount of fur scraps. All colors of fox, wolf, wolverine, beaver. Every once in a while I need to get rid of the fur scraps. Fly fishing is another hobby, but don't have the time to tie. I would give someone a huge pile of fur scaps for a handfull of quality Alaskan flies. I am located in Fairbanks.

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    Wanna have some fun? Make arrangements with the local club (Northern Lights?- check with the Ak Fly Shop) to come to one of their meetings for an informal "swap meet." Your trimmings for members' favorite flies.

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    That does sound interesting, it also sounds like it's in Anchorage though.
    I live in Fairbanks. I haven't ran across any clubs or groups in Fbks. I'm still looking. Anyway the offer still stands, If you tie flies, and want to tie some for me, I can set you up for a longgggg time with fur scraps.

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    Don't know if it died out, but there used to be a really good club in Fairbanks. Scott Peters (Peterson?) was the pres at one time. Howie at the fly shop can fill you in. If it's a "normal" club they often have a fly tying clinic fairly frequently, and if word could be put out about your deal ahead of time, I think you would be swamped with flies. Lots of standard patterns, but also some new, really good ones that haven't made it to stores yet. If other tiers are like me, there's a whole lot to looking at the pieces of fur before picking and choosing. Small details you might not notice make a huge difference to fly tiers. For example, I've picked up lots of black bear trimmings over the years, but about 2% is useful to me. Now what do I do with all the extras that aren't useful?

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    I'm not sure how big your scap pieces are, but I have given some of the preschools and daycares small bags at various times. Some of the teachers use them in classroom to teach different things, ie. texture, color. Some of the kids really enjoy.

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    Good idea!

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    Default fur/flies

    I may be interested in tying some up for you in exchange for some fur. What kind of flyfishing do you do? That would tell me what kind of flies that you need. We can continue this conversation by email.

    Thanks Dave


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