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Thread: Seldovia in September

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    Question Seldovia in September

    Was wondering if anyone has fished in Seldovia in September? Is there any good fishing there, this time of year? Wanted to get away this weekend and see what Seldovia was like... Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Default seldvoia last weekend

    I was there last weekend with some family and the pinks were thick in the slew under the bridge in town. There were a few silvers swimming around there also.

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    Default Yup

    There should still be silvers in the Slough the first couple of weeks of Sept. Was there last weekend and got them on eggs, anchored the boat downriver of the bridge and just drifted eggs down near the bottom on a mooching rig and treble hook.

    Silvers were out at Pogi Point also.


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