This past weekend my wife and I went on a camping trip south of the village along the coast to our favorite crowberry fields, she picked 19 gallons. Another family boated in while we were there, so it turned out to be a very enjoyable trip. On the boat trip back home we picked up some driftwood mostly black spruce logs from along the beach for my steamhouse.
Geese were also flying all throughout the weekend nice to wake up in the morning to the sound of geese, we even saw a few caribou out on the tundra flats. Seen bear tracks and sign along a well used game trail which I hiked on for a few hours. Suprisingly on the boat trip down and back I only spotted one seal, usually there are a few spotted seal scattered out along the coastline. Overall it was a very productive trip. Thinking about taking another boat ride this weekend, my wife wants to pick more berries.