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Thread: Price check on Mauser .458 barrel etc,....

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    Default Price check on Mauser .458 barrel etc,....

    I have a new, take-off Whitworth .458 Win Mag barrel. The barrel was unfired when I got it, and I've not fired it. I had it cut to 21" when I had it installed on my receiver, and the ramp re-installed buy a gunsmith in Cody. He also installed a recoil lug on the barrel. The original express rear sight was not included. The holes are filled with filler screws. I also have a set of RCBS dies, either 50 or 100 rds Winchester new brass, and 50 Winchester 500 gr RN soft point bullets. I was considering making it a package deal, barrel, dies, brass, and bullets.

    Anyone have any idea what a fair price would be to ask for it?

    Thanks for any input. Procedes would be applied towards a .338 barrel for my gun.

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    Default Take-off Barrels...

    Take-offs can be a real bargain, sometimes. Sounds like you've got a lot of additional work, especially considering that it's not every gunsmith who'll take the time to clock a barrel on so the sights line up again.
    Having said that, here's what's available, new.....
    Add a few bucks for the brass, bullets, dies, and some for the work, but you've got to consider that the work will likely have to be re-done so it fits someone else's action, so not a lot of value, there.
    I've purchased as-new, unfired Whitworth .375 H&H barrels for $75.00, and those have been nice barrels, but to be honest, by the time they went on, sights reinstalled, chamber work done, it might have been a lot easier to pick up one of the A&B's and started from scratch.


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