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Thread: 24A or 26B...Which is best for Haul Road Bou?

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    Question 24A or 26B...Which is best for Haul Road Bou?

    Some guys and I are going out next week and they were talking about hunting area 24A. 26B seems like a smarter choice to me. Any info you can give would be appreciated.


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    Default Haul road

    Mike, I suggest unit 26B. I have been bow hunting the Dalton since the State required a permit to travel north of Disaster creek. From Toolik hills north, a "first time haul roader", would be hard pressed to not get to put a stalk on. Frankin Bluffs is another good area. Plenty of natural depressions to get close. The typical migration route of the herds in Unit 24 very seldom bring any significant numbers of animals close to the haul road.
    Good luck


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