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Thread: Zeiss Spotting scope Question/Problem?

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    Default Zeiss Spotting scope Question/Problem?

    I have the 65mm grey straight with the 14-45 eye peice. I also have a pair of 10 X 42 victory binoculars. When I look throught the binoculars I can see great all the way to the edge of the sight picture in the binoculars. In my spotting scope i can see very well in the center and it gets fuzzy if you look towards the edges. Is this normal in spotting scopes in general, or in a zeiss or in my eye peice or my whole set up? I just bought it and used it on a recent hunt. It worked very well in the center but had to continue to move the image to continue to glass. Could not move it once and look all around in the sight picture. If this is abnormal any sugestions?

    Thanks for any input!

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    I used to own the 85mm model. Mine was clear right to the edge. Not sure what the problem could be. The warranty should cover any problems you have with it.

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    I have the 85 as well. Crystal clear in every regard. Consider cleaning the eyepiece. If you are lucky, that is all that will be required. Otherwise, contact Zeiss and let that lifetime warranty take over.
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