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Thread: 2008 Opener for me..

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    Default 2008 Opener for me..

    I hit one pond up just to really see what was out there and it was about 11am when I got there

    There where plenty of ducks around but nothing I saw that I wanted to get mounted so basically I was going to pass them up.YOu see I dont eat my ducks,Either I look for birds I want mounted or I transfer the Possesion over to people I know who like ducks.

    Anyhow my dog could hear them and jeez was she getting a little hard to handle,so a quick phone call to the Main gate of Wainwright and sure enough one of the fellas I give the ducks away to was on duty and I had to come in that gate.

    So we end up in there again and Im glassing for the bigger ducks which where Mallards but hey the dog was gonna be happy.I got set up and I let her bust the brush along the water to get the birds to fly and I ended up dropping a Mallard and Black Scoter hen.

    As she was retrieving I spied a bird coming in and dumped a Green-Winged Teal.

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    You won't get any mounters this time of year, still way too many pin feathers. Usually the birds are gone before they get to a quality you need for mounting. You could get some fine birds later in the season out of Valdez or Cordova.


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