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Thread: Tasty AK Ducks

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    Default Tasty AK Ducks

    A buddy and I hunted a little over an hour from Anchorage opening morning. Other than the wind and rain it was a great start. No competition and steady birds. We finished with 12 (5 mallards, 6 teal, and a hen pintail) which was pretty good considering my partners gun broke after the second bird and we had to trade the my gun back and forth.

    Ended the evening with mallard breasts in a bourbon cream sauce (olive oil, butter, onion, garlic, brown sugar, bourbon, and heavy cream) with some home grown veggies, couscous, and berries. If you've never checked out this site you should. Scott Leysath's recipes are fantastic and easy.

    My birds and tired, happy lab.

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    oh! dam., that makes me hungry dude,mmm hmmmmm.And I dont even eat ducks.I end up transfering possesion over to ppl.But Im gonna check out that site btw and give it a try good job on the ducks also.


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