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Thread: Anchorage Wildlife Refuge - Open Waterfowl Hunting Area?

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    Default Anchorage Wildlife Refuge - Open Waterfowl Hunting Area?

    I am trying to figure out exactly where the legal waterfowl hunting area is in the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, especially the eastern boundary near the intersection of Victor and Shore Drives.

    The regs say that shotgun hunting is closed between the signs at the radio tower near the the Kincaid Park motocross track (west end) and Furrow Creek (east end).

    As you enter the refuge at the Victor/Shore access point and head east, do you have to go all the east to where Furrow Creek comes out of Johns Park, or is there a marker closer to the access point than that?

    I was down there today and asked some folks that were shooting well west of Furrow creek. They said they thought they were legal because they thought the marker was not all the way down at where Furrow Creek shows up on the topo maps, but they were not sure.

    I found one AF&G marker, between the access point and Furrow Creek, but it did not say anything about demarking a hunting boudnary it was just a survey type marker.

    Thanks for any info you can share.


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    My understanding is that when a creek channel is identified as a boundary marker then that is what F&G uses and does not place a sign on the creek. If the channel changes then so does the boundary.

    So from Furrow creek to the east is the spot until you get to the rifle range. Most folks that I have seen hunt on the other side of the range across the tracks from Potter Marsh.


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