I have hunted since I was 9 in the lower 48. I am now 38. I hunt what we call dangerous game here Feral Swine LOL. I know these are like rabbits compared to even a small brown. My question is given the high price of food in Alaska how many of you get most or all of your meat from hunting and fishing? I would also need to support a dog team since I don't have any desire to own a snow machine. I will be with my loving wife of 13 years and a ex-recon marine buddy. We are planning a joint move to the Manley springs area or some land just north (50 to 100 miles) of Tok. I have experience with trapping and snares here and I am in the process of purchasing gear for the move. I have also fished since I could walk but your waters seem far more productive than here. Any advise on good hunting areas would be appreaicated. I really want something in the forest not flat tundra. Thanks again.