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Thread: Seatle Creek?

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    Default Seatle Creek?

    Anyone fish or hunt seattle creek (the one off the turnagain arm)?
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    Default some day

    I'ts on my to-do-list to hike the shore line around and check that drainage out. Doesn't look like it will be this year. Looks like a great place to explore. I think the mud spooks people.

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    Default ...

    Yah, i estimate it to be about a 5 mile hike...dont think an ATV would make it (if its even allowed)
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    Default Many years ago we

    took a Coot in there on low tide, looking for silvers or what ever??/ It was pretty strange in that the mud would roll ahead of us like a wave while moving. We did have tera tires so we had a large foot print. I don't know if I woudl take a regular 4 wheeler in though. When we stopped and got out once, we woudl slowly sink with our boots, very sticky and not so safe to walk on! fish? notta!
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    I seem to remember people going in on ATVs and getting caught by the tide and might check with the troopers on the adviseabilty of this.


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