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Thread: Wheel spacers for Grizzly 450

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    Cool Wheel spacers for Grizzly 450

    I have a Yamaha Grizzly 450 with factory wheels and tires. I would like to get a bit more stability with a wider stance. The machine seems a bit top heavy. I can go with new wheels (with off set rims...wider) or maybe buy some 1 1/2" wheel spacers to extend the overall axle/wheel stance by 3". What is the opinion of using these spacers?? Would you use them on both the rear and front?

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    Do yourself a favor and get new wheels and mud tires. It makes a huge difference in stability. Forget the spacers.

    I'd also adjust the shocks on your Grizzly. The factory settings are too soft which allows too much body roll. Jack up your machine and use a pipe wrench to twist your shocks a couple of notches. Your owner manual should have details.

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    or you if you dont want to spend any money at all just turn the front wheels around. take the left wheel and put it on backwards on the right side (so that the tread which most times is directional goes the right way) and the opposite for the other side. dont do it on the back or you wont be able to turn because the back wheels are locked together. i have done it on my brute force and it helps stay out of the tracks that every one else leaves. on mine it doesnt kick up any more mud than regularly and it feels a lot more stable. i check my wheel bearings all the time to see if it will wear them out any faster and after a year or two they havent worn so i would say it will not effect them at all. plus you dont have to spend 4 or 5 hundred dollars on wheels and tires. if you dont like it switch it back it only take like 5 minutes. definatly worth a try.


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