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Thread: Saturday night in Whittier!

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    Smile Saturday night in Whittier!

    How many waited idling in the harbor during the evening low tied Saturday night to get out of the pool? I personally, had a pleasant time, actually visited with a few people in boats close by, no wind made it easy to stay somewhat stationary waiting your turn to touch the dock. I saw a guy fall off his swim step into the drink, lucky it was parked and the motor was off, he grabbed the kicker to haul himself out. Anyone see that also?

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    I was in that line. We all should be extremely thankful that there was no wind. That morning when I launched there was a 25mph wind. Speaking of when I launched, there were 3 boats tied up at the floating dock on the east ramp when I launched. I took the 0530 tunnel, was the first boat to launch, and there were 3 boats tied up. With that wind, the low tide, and the boats there, it made using the side next to the rocks impossible.
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    I'd thought about coming in Saturday night but decided instead to wait until first light Sunday morning. From the sound of it, Saturday night was pretty crazy at the docks. Was second guessing my decision late Saturday night when the wind started to blow and I wondered how the anchor was holding and how bad it was outside the cove. Turns out that the water outside wasn't bad (choppy and getting worse) and there were only a couple of boats at the dock and wind around 10 mph. Had to wait a couple of hours for the tide to come in before I could get my boat out, but just getting to the dock and getting tied up is usually about 90% of the battle especially on holiday weekends. Armada of boats came in behind me about an hour later.

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    Wow. Sounds like saturday night was a little busy. We launched at about noon from the west dock and it wasn't bad at all. No wind and not much of a wait to get in the water. In fact, by the time I got back from parking, the only boat tied to the dock was mine. Probably a good thing because in my absence the wife was cooking hamburgers on the BBQ. Would have looked pretty bad if she was nonchalantly grilling lunch while folks were waiting to get in/out.

    We got back to the harbor monday late afternoon. The wind was blowing, but there still wasn't any waiting at the dock. Just got lucky this weekend I guess...

    BTW- thanks again to the gentleman with the Glacier Craft washing down at the west ramp (parked next to Patience, another GC). I appreciated you letting me use your hose and nozzle to rinse our little boat off with. I think I'm gonna have to start bring my own.
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    Unhappy What a zoo Saturday was in Whittier.

    Met a nice guy in a 22' Seasport who helped me launch in the morning and had very good sea conditions while I was out in the sound and time kind of got away from me because I was having so much fun out there. I rushed in to try to make the 8pm opening and ran into the jam at the docks. Everyone was real nice and all and I do know that it can get busy but I couldn't help but notice that nobody from the harbor was out there helping guide the traffic and hurry people along to keep things moving on this busy holiday.

    I finally made the 10pm opening.

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    I was in that mess, and surely create some of the mess myself!! We had to wait on a dock full of boats, and about 6 more waiting in front of us before we got to the dock.

    Once docked and the trailer backed into the water, we found there was not enough water to get our boat out. After tying up the dock for a bit (very sorry about that), we had to leave the boat in the water until the tide came up.

    Thanks to the guys that tried to help the wife and I get the boat loaded!! I really appreciated the help, and again feel bad for slowing others down.

    We finally were able to load the boat after waiting until midnight, when the water seemed high enough. Luckily, we ran into Potbuilder while we waited for the tide to rise, and he assisted us in getting the boat on the trailer.

    Thanks for your help Steve !! We appreciated the help, and enjoyed sharing stories with you!!

    Sorry to anyone I held up!! You can see my boat in my is pretty hard to "blend in" with that boat....especially when you slow others down or do something wrong!!

    Thanks for the help and patients,

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