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Thread: small mammal skulls

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    Default small mammal skulls

    I am a college student from WI studying wildlife and biology. I am looking for some raw skulls from animals of AK. I am willing to buy them or clean some skulls up for you in exchange for keeping a few for my self. I use dermestid beetles to clean my skulls. I am looking for: arctic ground squirrels, Alaskan hare, marmot, vole, lemming, pika, shrews, arctic fox, least weasel, and legal birds. I am also looking for some larger game animals. For the small ones I prefer that they are frozen whole so I can take measurements on them. For the larger animals I like to have a sex if possible. It is also nice to have a general location and a date. Please feel free to email me at

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    I do a lot of small game hunting but preffer to clean my critters in the field. If you want the heads I think we could arrange something if your interested. Tomorrow is opening day for waterfowl so I will have a bunch of duck heads. e-mail me at if your interested.


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