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Thread: motor size/type vs prop pitch vs trolling speed

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    Default motor size/type vs prop pitch vs trolling speed

    hey all,

    just thought I'd pose this question to everyone here.. I've got a Mariner 135 2-stroke with a 3-blade alum 21 pitch prop on a 22' YK Raider {which I really love for the 'get-up-&-go', except of the $ for gasoline}. If all things being equal (I know it's not possible to quantify motor size/prop pitch/boat weight across the board) but, AT IDLE FOR TROLLING SPEED, would a larger motor size and larger prop pitch at say 800 rpm, vs. a smaller motor, say 60hp Merc 4stroke w/ 13pitch prop @ about 1000 rpm on an 18' Pacific Skiff {which I use for all other uses other then commercial fishing just becuase fuel costs so much now-a-days}, be about the same troll speed or how much apart would they be.

    I've got both and I would like to come to some sort of happy medium.. i'm thinking something like a 24' Sea Ark w/ a 115 (trying to pick between DI 2 Stroke vs. a EFI 4 stroke right now.) Right now fuel economy is premium and all other aspects (weight/2vs4 stroke) are secondary.

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    Get better fuel economy with a SS prop over aluminum. Your 18ft boat w/that 60 would be good for fishing if you have a tender nearby and there are plenty up there when Kwikpak goes up, could easily hold 2k lbs in it but can't plane out. I have my sights on an Optimax for my next outboard. 115's weight 40 lbs less than a 4-stroke of same HP. Email or PM me for a great deal on a used one.
    p.s. hope to see you again soon, want to go up there again this fall.

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