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Thread: Buffalo Hunt DI454

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    Default Buffalo Hunt DI454

    I am trying to find any info on Drawing permit DI 454 (Copper River).


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    Default High Odds...

    like 26000 to'll be spending every drawing season trying to get one...

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    I think he meant that he would like some info on the hunt, sounds to me like he drew a tag.

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    Default Land status

    Make sure to check land status down there. Lots of private land on the west bank and sections of native land on the east bank of the river. Most of the farmers in Kenny Lake are easy to talk to if you want to hunt the west side between the river and the road. Just introduce yourself and explain what you are doing and they probably won't mind letting you get access across their fields. They might even tell you where they are at! Wish I could be more help. Good Luck!

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    Default Copper Buffalo info

    Thanks for the info so far guys. A friend of mine got lucky on his first drawing ever and got this tag, and he has never killed anything bigger then a grouse. So anyway, he and I are planning a float trip down the Copper from Copper Center to Chitina, September 15th to the 20th. I have never floated the Copper, but do have rafting experience. We are taking a 16' NRS cataraft. Any info on the braided channels in this area? I know that Ahtna owns most of the land on the east side of the river, above high water mark. I contacted them and they want $1,600 for a permit to hunt on their land, so we are planning on staying on the river. It was my assumption that this would be the best area to spot them from? I did'nt know that there was much farming in the Kenny Lake area, does anyone know if they frequent these fields?

    Thanks again

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    Default bison

    From most of my friends down there, the bison are on the river or in the forest. If in the forest, you will have one hell of a time finding them. I know the people at AHTNA and they do patrol heavily, so be careful there. I have not heard of any being shot in the fields, but who knows.


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