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    Default Ice issues...

    On average how much ice do you use in a summer of fishing/boating?

    Where do you get your supply?

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    Default ice

    Each time out I buy 5 or 6 bags at the gas station to feed the blender and keep the beer cold. I fill various size "tupperware" containers with water and freeze them to put in the fish and bait coolers, and the ice box. If I'm out on the sound for more than about 4 days, I pick up some glacier ice. Beer must stay cold.

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    I buy 1-2 bags for a 2-3 day weekend trip. One, I use for the bait cooler. The other goes in the food cooler, which I also load up with frozen bottles of water and Mike's Lemonade. When I need ice for the fish well, I pull the bag from the food cooler until we can get some glacier ice or even snow to pack in there.

    FYI, I only took one bag (for the bait) on this last trip and there's still frozen water bottles in the food cooler tonight (saturday morning to monday night).

    So... 1-2 bags per trip, 5-6 trips per year. I guess I use about 7-9 bags per year. And I get them wherever's most convenient... gas station, grocery store, Sportsman's Warehouse, etc...
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