Just sent my stuff yesterday from Juneau to Aniak. I sent 2 large duffle bags weighing about 60lbs, 1 tote of 3lbs, and my gun case. I bought a total of $1500 worth of insurance which only costs about $2.50 for every $100 you insure. I also bought delivery confrimation on each bag. I sent everything priority mail through USPS and was quoted 3 to 5 days. My total was $155 which sure shocked me. I thought it would have been more. You have to use there labels for priority mail and sticking them on a tote, bag or gun case is tricky. Use lots of tape. They weigh it right there on the counter which was akward with those giant bags. Thats it. Hope this helps with any of you who were enquiring about shipping your stuff.
Yes I took the ammo out of the bag first.