A buddy and I took 3 Soldiers fishing for Rock, Silvers etc. Was one of the best days I have seen in Seward..few clouds and plenty of sun, water was smooth and awesome. Trolled around fox all the way to ruggad island without a hit. Stopped at our rockfish spot and limited out on nice Yelloweye(12lb plus)and black bass(4-9lbs). They had a blast catching the lingcod even if we couldnt keep them. Hooting and hollering as the drags ran... Great time watching them fight these guys. Finished there with our limits and ran to Day Harbor..fished all four bay and coves on the left side for halibut,,tried anchoring with a chum bag at two differnt spots without any luck,was tough fishing for these guys even though the tide was great. Did manage to pick up a few keepers in lingcod. Seems everytime we tried for halibut we would catch the dogfish. some of these were caught on med to heavy rods (baitcasters/spinning) and provided some great action. They could not get over the fish, fighting etc. One of the guys spotted a school of Silvers and threw just ahead with a mooching rig hooking up to a nice fish(13lb). Was a great day of fishing for all and caught tons of fish. Everyone went home with a great stories,fish and pictures to share. Will post pics when I get them. Over all, great day spent on the water with fellow Soldiers,/

Upon arrival and while cleaning fish, we visited with some of the others..seems we did pretty good, The biggest halibut I saw was about 5lbs..and he had ran all the way to Pony Cove. For the price,,,I'll take a nice yelloweye over that.

I have some pretty good rockfish spots if anyone is interested..just PM me if going this weekend. Should provide some great action.