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    My interest in turning the "rim" of a Belted Magnum case from .532" down to .472" is concerning the 458American...458x2". I want keep the belt for headspacing, and I want to turn the rim so it will fit into a .472" bolt face. "Rebated." Like the .284 win., 425 Westley Richards, and that ugly 450 SOCOM (which is born of the 425WR). These all headspace off their sholder, yes I know, being that the straight wall 458 has no sholder I need to retain the "belt." I also want to keep the bolt face as is in order to "switch barrel" the little Savage. Being a big fan of the .284 win. case I thought that the .475 Wildely looked interesting as a short action big bore, But, headspacing off the case mouth seems like a potential "Whooops..., So therefore the "458 American" besides, it looks good stamped on the barrel. Any machinists out there that would like to grind me a cutter?

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    You should look at the .375 and .416 Howell and save yourself the headaches. I think I have the reamer for the .416?
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