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Thread: Halibut Spinning Reel Help Needed

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    Default Halibut Spinning Reel Help Needed

    I cant stand level wind reels so i am buying a spinning reel for fishing Halibut, I have it narrowed down to a few. I dont want to spend over 200.00 as i wont be using more than 3-4 days a year. I am thinking of the Shimano 6500B , Penn 950 and the Fin-Nor OFS95 or the Fin-Nor OFS85. What would you buy? Again I have level winders and i cant stand them so it has to be a spinning reel. Thanks for your help!

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    Default shimino 6400

    shimino 6400 bait runner

    Would be a good choice

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    Default Older penn 9500SS

    I'd go with an older penn reel, like the penn 9500ss. Here's one on eBay

    Those reels were built like tanks. Fished penn reels exclusively when I lived in Florida. Now I use a Penn 965 baitcaster for salmon fishing here. Quality reels...


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