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Thread: End of Summer Specials

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    Default End of Summer Specials

    We have been working with a few of the manufacturers to put together some outstanding End of Summer Specials. I think what we have arranged is very exciting.

    Minox had sent some shipments of new binoculars to some area shows with extra inventory to be sold at the shows. They sent more than what sold and since it was already reclassified as Show Units they could not be put back into new inventory. We generously offered to step in and buy all of it at a discount so we could pass that savings on.

    Minox Show Overstock Specials:
    #62147 BD 8x42 BL $289.99
    #62163 HG 8x33 BR ASPH $499.99
    #62155 HG 8.5x43 BR ASPH $539.99
    #62157 HG 10x43 BR ASPH $579.99
    #62159 HG 8.5x52 BR ASPH $679.99
    #62161 HG 10x52 BR ASPH $719.99
    BTW, we do still have a few of the Minox 6.5x32 IF binoculars @ $179.99

    ================================================== ===============

    We worked out a super deal with Vortex too. They were going to discontinue their Stokes Sandpiper Spotting Scope at the end of the year as well as the Coyote Tan colored binoculars (I guess after the blemished color incident they will just stick with green). We worked out purchasing all of the remaining inventory so we could put together some deals for you in time for Fall Hunting Season as well as for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

    Here is a wonderful outfit:

    Vortex Stokes Sandpiper Straight Spotting Scope
    Your choice of the Vortex Vulture Coyote Tan in either 8.5x50, 10x50 or 12x50
    Your choice of the Vortex Hurricane Tan in either 8x28 or 10x28
    All for only $399.99

    If you call in your order on this outfit you can also:
    For $100.00 extra you can add any Vortex Crossfire Riflescope
    For $150.00 extra you can add any Vortex Diamondback Riflescope
    For $300.00 extra you can add any Vortex 2,x, 3x or 4x Viper Riflescope
    For $400.00 extra you can add any Vortex 6.5x Riflescope
    If just the Hurricane 8x28 or 10x28 binocular are of interest to you we are offering those for only $89.99 for the 8x28 or $94.99 for the 10x28.

    We are also still offering the Coyote Tan Vultures for $159.99 in your choice of 8.5x50, 10x50 or 12x50.

    For an extra $10.00 you can get that with the Vortex Shoulder Harness Strap.

    The 8x40 Audubon Porro Prism binoculars are still available for only $29.99 with the purchase of any other optic or camera.

    ================================================== ===============
    Zeiss recently changed the case that comes with their compact 8x20 Conquest and Victory binoculars from cloth to leather. We purchased all the remaining inventory of these 8x20's with the cloth cases at a favorable price.
    As long as the supply lasts these are only:
    Zeiss Conquest Compact 8x20 Part# 522033 for $299.99
    Zeiss Victory 8x20B T*P* Part# 522035 for $399.99

    We have also purchased the remaining new inventory from Zeiss of all their non-LotuTec spotting scopes. We are offering them at a VERY LOW price matched with a new Zeiss Victory Vario-Zoom Eyepiece with LotuTec coating while the supply lasts.

    The 65mm scopes are 15-45x power zoom and the 85mm scope is 20x-60x power with the same eyepiece. These are all brand new with full Zeiss warranties.
    Please feel free to call with any questions.
    #528002 65mm Diascope FL Straight ,Silver with #528061 Victory Vario Ocular 15-45x $1349.99
    #528012 65mm Diascope FL Angled, Silver with #528061 Victory Vario Ocular 15-45x $1349.99
    #528014 65mm Diascope FL Angled, Green with #528061 Victory Vario Ocular 15-45x $1349.99
    #528004 65mm Diascope FL Straight, Green with #528061 Victory Vario Ocular 15-45x $1349.99
    #528003 85mm Diascope FL Straight Silver with #528061 Victory Vario Ocular 20-60x $1599.99

    We hope you all had a great Summer. We appreciate the continued support
    If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
    Thanks and have a great day,
    Camera Land

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    Very good price on the Minox HG 10X43, I paid $639.99 in May through Camera Land for the same bincoular.


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