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Thread: Coho Hootchies?

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    Default Coho Hootchies?

    Wanting to troll for Cohos with Hootchies this Fall here in Southern Southeast. Besides trying to figure out what colors/sizes the troll fleet has emptied from the local store shelves maybe some of you have some favorites. I'm new to Ocean fishing so any advice would be helpful.

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    If you're "on the fish", color and size just won't matter. If you're trolling and LOOKING for fish, my not-so-secret trick is to try my favorite King combinations, just with a shorter lead between the flasher and hootchie. If I'm King fishing with a 28-32" leader, the same rigs get cut down to 18-20" to begin, and have gotten as short as 12" behind the flasher.

    The cohos I've been hitting the past few weeks have been on the full spectrum of colors: green on green, green on white, blue on white, blue on ultraviolet, pink/purple on rainbow, white on white, black and white on white, glitter gold on orange/gold, etc. I do find that any extra action I can give the rig helps... a small spin-n-glow on the nose of the hootchie has been catching disproportionally more fish than the rigs without spinners.

    Happy Fishing!
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