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Thread: don't be hitting the pipe

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    Default don't be hitting the pipe

    Anyone going down rabbit slough, watch out for the pipes at the last corner before the first shack. There should be a flag on it, but it may of come off. I hear it's gutted at least one boat this year. FYI who don't know. The pipes were from the old portage ramp that was taken out by the ice years back. And was not put there to wreck boats. If you have any ideas on how to get them out, I'll be down there on sat... and would be more than happy to help.

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    Well, back in my fathers day's on the farm it was as simple as going to the grain store getting a few sticks of TNT and some treated fuse. Bailing wire the sticks so that they slide down to the bottom of the pipe and stand back a ways. The sticks need to be under the water to make the force go into the pipe and ground. If the sticks are above the water then they will just crush the pipe.

    These days they make it complicated.

    If the pipe is not too long it could be driven deeper down into the silt, but if it was properly built it could already be too long to drive further by hand.

    A snorkle and a hack saw and several folks to take turns at low tide.

    A big pipe cutter and the same snorkle would be much faster than the hack saw. It all depends on the size of the pipe, since anything over 3 inches takes a pretty big pipe cutter.


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