First of all, I would like to find and engine for a 2001 Summit 700. I have one with a bad lower end (Seized bearing and bent connecting rod at a minimum) and would like to find another one with some life still left in it before I get this one rebuilt. Would like either another 700 or 800. Anyone maybe know where I could get a new or already rebuilt engine around here? I understand this might be costly but Im willing to look into it tp make this sled right. Lastly might me looking for someone that could rebuild this one. I have it currently at a shop but the manager says it will be a while before they can even look at it due to the amount of work they have already stacked up.

Also need new carb boots for this engine, old ones are a bit dry rotted, or maybe go with aftermarket reeds that come with boots.

Secondly Im looking for some parts for a 2002 Mountain Cat 800.

Seat (not tore up)
gas tank cover
all the parts for a cowling .I have a new bare one and need to fit it with all the stuff that goes inside (light, Speedo, tach, switches, wiring and windshield)
Lower skid plate
Hand warmer switch

Thirdly, misc parts
Covers for both of these sleds
Wheels/carriage for rolling sled around on the garage floor and possibly the jack to lift up the back end to work on it

Where is a good place to get aftermarket sled parts, shops that have items in stock without having to order everything? Right now Id rather deal with a local shop in person due to my lack of experience and having someone there personally to answer questions and possibly show me. I realize better prices might be found on line but I really need that personal touch right now. (limited to Anchorage to the Valley)

Lastly, let me know of any other parts you have that would like to get rid of that would fit either of these 2 sleds, I might be interested. Season is right around the corner and Id like to get these two in as tip top shape as I can.

If you have anything I need that you would like to get rid of you can PM me, email me at or call me at 529-9413. Thanks!