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Thread: Backpacking in Valdez?

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    Default Backpacking in Valdez?

    My husband and his friend would like to go backpacking near Valdez sometime during the 1st 2 weeks in September. They would like to hike for a day, make camp, wake up by a beautiful lake and hike back. Neither has backpacked in 25 years and both are overweight but I think I can, I think I can...... Any suggestions for a good trail?

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    Daveinthebush would have far better suggestions than I would, but there is a trail that goes back behind the high school that should be pretty good, but I am not sure if it backs to a lake or not. They are going to be dealing with a great deal of alders, though. Just FYI.

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    There's a nice trail that leads out to Shoup Bay (about 7 miles long) that goes along the mountainside above Prince William Sound and has great views across the water. If you don't feel up to doing the whole 7 mile hike, about 3 miles in, the trail descends to a nice flat area by Gold Creek that makes for an excellent camping spot. My brother helped build the trail about 10 years ago.

    Here's some good info on the trail: (first section from town to Gold Creek) (second section from Gold Creek to Shoup Bay)
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    If you can get any decent weather, I would recommend the Thompson pass area. No brush and lots of spectacular scenery including small lakes and tarns. It's about 25 miles out of Valdez on the Richardson highway. You can park at the Alyeska gate and wander up the ridge to a series of small lakes or park at the turnout on the Glenallen side of the pass and climb the ridge above the highway.

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