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Thread: Thanks to "Dave In The Bush"

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    Default Thanks to "Dave In The Bush"

    I just wanted to take a chance to publicly thank "Dave In The Bush" and his hunting partner for a ride about a week and a half ago.

    I was hitchhiking on the Haul Rd, waited for 5 hours for someone to stop and offer a ride. Dave picked me up and hauled me 3 1/2 hours to Coldfoot.

    He's a great guy and I enjoyed getting to meet him and talk with both of them (as in keeping him awake) thru the late night and into the morning.

    Thanks Dave!

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    Dave's one of the greatest guys you'll find around here, cant wait to meet him coming up in a year or two.

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    Default Welcome

    You are welcome. I have not been on the forum much. Sheep hunt, school started the next day and a new girl friend have been keeping me busy. This weekend I am flying to Anchorage to stay in a condo with ...... a very special person.

    You are welcome for the ride though.

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    I would also like to thank Dave. He set us up with a fishing trip for my soldier son, who is getting shipped back to Iraq in September.
    We had a great time, and our "guide" was the best! We were very successful on our adventure, caught 9 fish, 1 bright chrome pink (excellent table fare that bright) 2 chrome chums( also excellent) and 6 silvers from 8 to 12 pounds. plus the several our inexperience and the fishes experience allowed to get away! My soldier got 3 silvers (his first) and is in heaven eating them for me! My 14 year old got the 12 pounder (his first salmon) and now wants to move to Valdez so he can have fish like that, and teachers like he met as well! We had a great time in alaska, and the valdez part of our trip will be a lifelong memory for us all!
    Thanks Dave, and please pass our thanks along to our "guide" we will forever hold your, and her generosity deep in our hearts! If you ever want to come "slumming" on a hunting trip in the upper peninsula of michigan, I know some of the best area to do so. do you need any small pieces of wood, say birdseye maple, or curly maple, or cherry burl for your wood working? i have LOTS!


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