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Thread: Hi-Standard Double Nine

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    Default Hi-Standard Double Nine

    I was given a hi-standard double nine revolver from a friend who used it when he was a boy back in Ohio. I'm assuming the revolver was made in the late 50's and am wanting to spruce it up. I got it stipped down to the picture below. Again, I am having trouble disassembling the cylinder. Any help with this??

    Also, I am wanting to re-finish the revolver. I am wanting to do this myself and am looking at using duracoat for a finish. What colors/combos would look good on a revolver like this. I will likely bring the parts/pieces to my 'smith so he can put them in his ultrasonic cleaner and maybe blast them before I shoot them with the duracoat. Any other suggestions??

    Lastly, I found some replacement grips for the damaged faux ivory stock grips but was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could get maybe some walnut or cherry wooden grips for a revolver like this or have a set made.

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    I have my fathers Double Nine. He bought it new in the early "70's".

    If you want to disassemble the cylinder, push the ejector rod like your ejecting the empty brass from the cylinder with one hand and grasp the extractor with the other hand. Hold the extractor away from the cylinder with the fingers of one hand and look at the hole that goes through the shaft of the extractor. While holding the extractor in this position, pull the ejector rod the opposite direction. Turn the rod while looking through the hole in the extractor shaft until you see a cross pin that holds it all in place. To disassemble, drive out the cross pin. Be careful not to loose the spring when doing so.

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    Default Double nine

    Thank You very much for the information it helped me on my latest project and I am sure it has helped others. THANK YOU Bud McAllister


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