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    Question Crazy Roe Question...

    Has anyone ever used roe for silvers in Salt water? It would seem to go against the laws of mother nature as the fish drop eggs in the fresh. Just wondered if eggs under a bobber, say off of Allison Point or the Valdez city dock, might work?? Gotta think outside the box I guess.

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    in michigan we use spawn in the lake, before they get into the rivers, and it works well. our coho never see salt water, only fresh water in lake superior, so it's about the same thing as eggs in the salt.

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    Default I see them

    doing this all the time in Wittier in the harbor.
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    I spent nearly 30 years soaking eggs off the beaches and river mouths of Lake Ontario, Erie and Huron. It works great!!!! Give 'er!!!!


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