All the advice was very helpful.

Sadly lacking pictures....unless you like scenery.....too busy fishing to take fish pictures!

Was up 2 weeks at the end of June/beg. July.

Caught my first ever grayling in Mendeltna Creek.

Had fun out of Valdez harassing pink salmon. Cooked fresh on a campfire they were delicious

Caught my first ever dolly varden in the Anchor River.

Couldn't catch a sockeye to save my life....tried Klutina and Kasilof rivers.

Lost my biggest king ever (and I've caught hundreds in Michigan) on the Talkeetna...landed 2 others, which I released.

Caught my limit of halibut, 2 rockfish, and 2 silvers out of Seward.

Hiked and climbed until I couldn't walk...literally. Knee is much better now.

Great trip as always, lousy weather couldn't dampen my spirits.

Best of all, finalized my decision to move to Alaska in ~5 years, like I needed any convincing

Until next time...tight lines and God Bless.