Our first partial summer with our greenhouse gave us mixed results. I think our disappointment is due mostly to our late start as well as low temperatures this summer. For those of you using artificial heat, did you use it alot this summer? I only had 2 days that were over 85 degrees inside the greenhouse. If you use heat, do you use a setback thermostat and just set it and leave it for the summer?

Also, do any of you use your greenhouse for vegetables in the winter (or portion of)? What do you grow during the winter? Our greenhouse is 2x6 insulated on three sides and the roof and twin-wall polycarbonate on the south-facing side. I'm thinking heating it shouldn't be too expensive, but am curious what others are doing.

We're learning as we go, but it would be niceto be a little more productive.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.