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Thread: Colors??

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    Default Colors??

    Just curious about the different colors for moderators and other members around here. For example, Paul H is a moderator along with Murphy but under Murphys name the word "moderator" is green? Is there a reason for the difference? Also, members like Icebear are maroon(ish) and others may be white(ish) for some reason. Is there a list of colors/reasons for them?

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    We think they're pretty. Seriously. Each moderator chose what color their tag would be. Silly, I know. Icebear is the office manager for the site. She doesn't post often, but when she does it's good for her name to stand out. As for the members with the grey-ish color, they haven't responded to the confirmation e-mail yet and are thus not fully active members.

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    I think the green is when they are online but i have no idea about the other

    Or as i am totally wrong as usual as Brian just clarified it.
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