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Thread: Yamaha 60hp EFI 4-stroke problem

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    Default Yamaha 60hp EFI 4-stroke problem

    My friend has a new this season Yamaha 60/40 EFI 4-stoke outboard and he is having some fuel flow problems, we checked/traced the fuel lines up to the fuel pump, plus the small inline filter just past the fuel pump, also drained the bottom of the rectangular aluminum box thing on starboard side that has a small drain screw and hose at the bottom and a small amount of water drained out of there. Outboard is still having fuel problems, the engine starts up and dies out after about 5 seconds or less, what could be the problem? Thanks

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    Always run efi outboards with a Racor fuel/water separator. Dealerships won't usually tell you this because they know you will have to end up buying new injectors from them which are spendy. Drain all the fuel lines, pull the injectors and see if they have water in them. Run some STP injector cleaner, probably a couple bottles.
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    agree with marv1 above.. gotta baby those EFI's with clean gas... i was lucky when I ended up with water in my tank... had a Merc 60 4stroke but with regular carbs.. just had to drain them all and clean the lines.. heard some real horror stories about 'water in lines' with EFi motors.. just make sure that what ever filter you buy that it seperates the water as well, and try to find the kind with a clear bowl on the bottom to visually inspect the filter every time you go out..


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