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Thread: Fishing Guide Needed - For Monday 9/1

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    Default Fishing Guide Needed - For Monday 9/1

    I arrive in Anchorage at Noon on Monday September 1st and would like to go salmon fishing that afternoon until late evening. Is there anyone that you can recommend to me that would be able to make this happen then? I am open to a guide or local avid fisherman with equipment. I will gladly pay a fair fee. Thanks, Mark

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    Check with Troutfitters. They run a good business. They are in Cooper Landing on the Kenai Peninsula. That is where you will be wanting to fish for sure. Lots of guides down there. Search on google for Soldotna, Cooper Landing, and such "fishing guides". Below is a link that may be of use to you. This would also be a great time for rainbow fishing on the Kenai or other rivers in the area.
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    Try Cliffhanger on this board. Maybe he can fit you in for some ship creek silvers.

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    Thumbs up Cliff Hanger

    Jim knows ship creek as well if not better than anyone. He is the man to see if you want to fish in town.
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