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    I have to tell the story of the great experiences I have received from Josh and Don at HS Precision. It started when I ordered a .300wsm 8 months ago. I was told the rifle would be shipped on 2 July. Well, that date came and passed. When I asked when it would be ready, they said they were behind schedule and would do their best to have it here before season started.

    Last month I got a call from Josh, their 2nd in command, telling me he had good and bad news. The good news, everything was put together (stock, action, barrel) but they could not get it to shoot any better than .75". I told them that was PLENTY accurate for me, but they would not send it out until a new barrel could be fitted and test fired. Their accuracy guarantee is .50". I asked Josh if it would be ready by Sept because I want to use it to go goat hunting. He told me probably not. Now get this....they sent me one of their lightweight (5.25 lbs) rifles in .300wsm to use on my goat hunt. This rifle costs hundreds more than my rifle! He volunteered to send it w/o me even asking.
    Then just yesterday I got a call telling me my rifle was fitted a new barrel, and passed the accuracy test and is on its way. I asked them if they wanted to wait until I sent them their mountain rifle back before they sent mine. They said no, just send it back at your convience. WOW!!!!

    I have saved a long time to buy this rifle and it is great to see this type of service. I have an appointment w/ Stan Jackson on Saturday morning to mount the scope and bore sight it. I cannot wait to FINALLY shoot it!

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    Outstanding service, this maker is willing to do what is needed when it is needed. Other makers need to take their lead and follow.


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