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    I am looking at floating on the killey river as far as I can. Does anyone know what the river is like and how far it runs south. Looking on google, it looks like it runs for about 30 mins to the mountains.

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    Default Killey

    Killey flooded pretty bad years ago. Lots of deadfall over the river in certain areas. I have spent many hours in/on the Killey at the headwaters. Amazing up there! You never know if the Killey is high or low each year. it fluctuates. fly over it first. have fun.

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    Thumbs down I'd find another river to float.

    Besides the river being hazardous, the Killey is known for the one of the highest concentrations of brown bears on the Kenai, at this time of year. According to F&G, all 277 brown bears on the Peninsula are likely there now, feasting on the spawned out salmon.
    Seriously, the lower portion of the main stem of the Killey is thick with brownies. Use caution!


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