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Thread: Why I Am Voting "No" on Prop 2

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    Default Why I Am Voting "No" on Prop 2

    I am voting no because I believe this initiative will make it impossible to manage Alaska's moose and caribou for abundance.

    It is far more environmentally sound for Alaskans to eat wild game than beef, pork, and lamb imported from farms and ranches in other parts of the world. Domestic livestock are raised using oil, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones. Livestock production reduces wildlife populations as their habitats are eliminated for more and more domestic meat.

    By comparison Alaska moose and caribou are raised using......willows and lichens in wildlands. Their abundance is made possible by occasional predator control. After control periods, predators return. It has worked that way in the 35+ years I have personally observed this.

    Without the possibility of control -- and make no mistake, this initiative would eliminate control -- moose and caribou numbers will dramatically diminish in some areas.

    This initiative will hurt Alaskans in the long run. It will be especially painful for people living in rural areas. In contrast, the initiative has been helpful for the Outside "anti" has been wonderful for fund raising, I'm sure.

    Ballot initiatives should be banned in Alaska. They are decided based on TV, radio and newspaper advertising, and who can distill complex issues best into "sound bites" and short little memorable phrases. It seems to me that they are usually decided based on who can spend the most money....not careful deliberation.

    David M Johnson
    Anchorage, Alaska

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    Default yep

    Very good post David.
    It looks like it got voted down anyway, as it should have.
    55 % NO as of 10:30 pm.

    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

    Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years.

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    This is a great day for Alaska! I am proud to say that I have a renewed faith in our states citizens or at least 55% of the 35% that voted... It is great to see that people can see through the BS and make an informed choice at the poles! I have researched all the measures/candidtates extensively and aparently I am not the only one as my ballot looks identical to the ballot of the majority. I hope that some of the responses I wrote on the ADN board had a hand in turning some voters, I did alot of research to back up the science behind predator control and tried to put out a salient argument that the masses could wrap their head around. What I saw written from the other side had no support and was all emotion.
    I know that it was the hard work from the hunting community that set the stage for this victory. The non hunting majority have no clue and unless we show them the way they will unintentionally vote us to extinction thinking they are doing the right thing! Good work everyone!

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    It would be interesting to know of the ~44% that voted yes how many thought they were voting the other way. I have heard feedback from several who say they misinterpreted the wording.

    No excuse but the initiatives should be clearly written. I guess thats part of the game though.

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    Default kind of like the Florida election

    maybe if they don't know what they are voting for, they shouldn't be allowed to vote?? A good day for Alaska and anyone who hunts.

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    Default Good post Brian

    and I am glad it failed also. But I am sure we will see the same issue come up again in a couple of years, whenever the anti groups need a serious fundraising issue.
    I thought I heard a 35% participation rate, that seems high for a primary election.
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.

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