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Thread: Anybody know where to launch a boat off the haul road for hunting?

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    Default Anybody know where to launch a boat off the haul road for hunting?

    Going up the haul road next week and thinking about taking my boat. Does anyone know where I can put in a boat around Cooldfoot?

    Thanks in advance Rick

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    What kind of boat and what river? Are you moose hunting up there looking for water?

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    I dont know about around coldfoot but there is an open access road about 3 miles past pump station 2 on the right hand side of the road. Obviously the access is to the SAG, but the Ivashak is a short distance. River levels were high enough a few weeks ago and we were able to take an 18 foot lowe line tunnel with a 40hp jet almost to the brooks range. We may have been able to go further but did not desire to do so.

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    there is a small access point behind the cold foot DOT and Air port.. i have never seen anything larger then a jon boat launched there. 14-16 foot at best... but i am sure there are those that do.
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